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Song: The Devil's Orchard
Album: Heritage
Band: Opeth
Metalgasm at: 5:31 by Thallium
Comment: In true opeth fashion, the son...more

Song: The Doom of Aceldama
Album: Hymns of Blood and Thunder
Band: The Gates of Slumber
Metalgasm at: 5:02 by mece66
Comment: One of the most epic riffs eve...more

Song: Miklagard Overture
Album: The Varangian Way
Band: Turisas
Metalgasm at: 7:30 by Chronos
Comment: EPIC!...more

Song: Sentient 6
Album: This Godless Endeavor
Band: Nevermore
Metalgasm at: 3:44 by Chronos
Comment: Pure epic fucking Loomis in on...more

Song: The Seven Angels
Album: The Metal Opera
Band: Avantasia
Metalgasm at: 12:46 by Chronos
Comment: This song is so full of layere...more

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Welcome to the Metalgasm Project

This project aims to collect metalgasmic data about songs and bands to better share with the world why metal isn't just another genre of music, but why it is a way of life. This project will help metal enthusiasts everywhere share with each other the glory of metal through their most emotional experiences. By propogating these inherent favourites of metal through the means of metalgasms, enthusiasts can learn of new bands and avenues of metal that were previously unexplored to them; not only does this help individuals but it also helps the metal community by spreading the word of bands known and unknown to all. By sharing we support the bands that bring so much joy into our lives.

Thank you for all your contributions and patronage, it is appreciated by metal fans everywhere.
- Ivan

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